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NWA Elite Volleyball Club
Thank you to all that came to try-out for NWA Elite Volleyball teams. We are excited about the level of talent that came out and we are looking forward to a strong 2015 season. All teams will be posted on 11/10/2014 by 10:00 pm. Teams are listed at the top of the website, by age under "2015 NWA Elite Volleyball Team." Teams will be posted in the color BLACK by age group. When a player accepts a position on a team, the player's name will turn RED and AN (*) will be by the player's name. To accept a position on NWA Elite Volleyball Club, players need to respond to the email sent to them accepting their position on the team no later than 5:00 pm on 11/11/2014.

Thank you again for all your support and participation in NWA Elite Volleyball program.:

Delta Region